weaving supplies

SO YOU LOVE WEAVING, HEY? And want to maybe ~invest~!? Claps and snaps for you!!! That is 10000% NOT sarcastic, I really am excited for you!! Below is a list of what I consider some "weaving essentials", as well as my favorite suppliers + maybe even a cutie little discount code or two for you! 

My favorite suppliers:

  • The Larkshead Shop - use code ASHLEYHAWKE to save 10% on your entire order!
  • Niroma Studio - clicking that link will automatically save you 15% on your entire order!
  • Ashton Zager Fiber Art - Ashton is a queen when it comes to putting together the perfect color palettes, so be sure to check out her kit of the months, as well as her additional supplies, like roving, colored warp, & rug yarn


Ok now the little ~break down~:


This was a ton of information & links thrown at you, so I completely understand if you are overwhelmed! Just your friendly reminder that you don't need all of the expensive yarns + fibers to weave!!!!! You can literally use whatever you have lying around the house - like ribbon, fabric, old clothes, old knitting yarn because you never got around to that, ANYTHING! Michaels or JoAnn's (or any craft store) also have some high-quality yarns that won't break the bank!