weaving resources

I am so excited to share one of my favorite crafts with you! Below are a list of resources that I’ve put together to help you get started with your new hobby. Please note that if you purchased a round weaving kit from me, your metal hoop will already be warped once it arrives! I’ve included resources that teach how to warp both a standard loom and round loom/hoop, should you continue this hobby in the future!

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Please reach out to me via email at info@hawkedesignshop.com if you have any questions!



Round Weaving

Circle Weaving for Beginners

  • The actual weaving portion of the video begins at 30:50

Weaving Circles // Warping and Weaving on a Circular Frame Loom Tutorial

  • The actual weaving portion of the video begins at 8:40

DIY Embroidery Hoop Weaving | World Crafted

  • The actual weaving portion of the video begins at 4:05


Loom Weaving

How to Warp a Frame Loom

  • Your loom weaving kit will not include a warped loom, but does include cotton warp

Spruce & Linen YouTube Channel
Jenell of Spruce & Linen has TONS of free loom weaving resources on her YouTube channel - & she releases new videos every week! You can learn so many different techniques & how to weave with different materials from her. Below is a three-part series of how to create a beginner woven wall hanging, which is an excellent place to start if you're new to loom weaving!



Round Weaving

Weaving in the Round: A Weaver’s Guide to Round Weaving for All Skill Levels’ by Ashton Zager

Price: $25

  • I first came across round weaving because of Ashton! She does absolutely incredible work & will teach any and all weaving techniques! This is by far the best resource out there for round weaving. 


Loom Weaving

Weaving Basics E-Course’ by Nova Mercury

Price: $23.29

  • Jen teaches all of the basic weaving techniques for a standard loom, but they can definitely be applied to weaving on a hoop!