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Round Weaving Kit - 6 inch | Weaving Kits

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Want to give weaving a try, but don't want to spend money on a bunch of fibers in case you hate it? Try out this weaving kit!

Each kit contains the following:
- (1) 6 inch warped metal hoop
- (1) tapestry needle
- Approximately 5 oz of fiber, containing an assortment of cotton and acrylic fibers, wool roving, and specialty fibers, such as rug yarn or handspun art yarn
- Card with QR code to instructional videos

While I am in no position to write a how-to guide on weaving (because that would be a mess), a list of resources, both paid courses and free options, can be found here

Have extra fibers leftover? Additional hoops can be purchased here

Kit 1: blue, pink, orange, purple, green, yellow, cream
Kit 2: rusts
Kit 3: pinks, blue, green, cream
Kit 4: rust, black, cream, tan
Kit 5: cream, green, tan, rust
Kit 6: blue, yellow, pink, cream
Kit 7: purple, orange, blue, teal
Kit 8: pink, blue, teal, orange, yellow

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